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Following many years of experience in the property & business, we have joined forces to create a new company with the purpose of offering a unique and exclusive platform of services and activities. 

Properties to rent

​We have contacts in the right places, specify your budget, where you are looking to rent and we can happily package a deal for a few properties that meet your criteria. With limited houses, being posted to the likes of Right move, Spare room etc, let us, the professionals find your perfect house and settlement. With transparent pricing on our fees, you can trust you are in safe hands, in finding your dream home 

Buying Properties 

We are always on the look-out for new buildings to purchase, whether this is commercial or residential. With access to millions in cash, from other developers, investors and like-minded people – we can be sure to offer a fair genuine price based on all factors considered. We come view the property, and let YOU the customer, explain to us the good and the bad. This way you can be sure all information is accurate, and a fair price has been given 

Mortgage Settlements 

Being in and around this industry for nearly a decade, we understand times can be tough. With the cost of living continuously rising, more and more people are forced into poverty year after year. Things aren’t as good as they used to be? Mortgage repayments slipping? Let us step in and help out. We guarantee to settle and clear and outstanding finance owed on the house, before offering YOU the customer, a fair price to help ease the burden, and help you on the way to a steadier future.

Refurbs & Digital/Home Integration 

With over 50 different talented staff members, across multiple different trades, we have ensured we work with the same select people. This ensure the quality of work across the board and we trust and know who we are sending into your properties to refurb. From kitchens, Extensions, bathrooms to complete refurbishment. Our builders, carpenters, plumbers & Electricians have a massive 100 years collected experience in the game! Not something every company can claim. We use CAD to demonstrate and show plans and progress throughout the project.  

We specialize in upgrading houses, to be digital. Products include, wireless upgrades, cctv installation, smart blind and lights, home cinema installs and any other home automation product you can think of. 

Maintenance Contracts 

You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari, and not service or MOT it. Similar with any building works project / refurb. We offer a 3 tier pricing plan, for any Maintenance / ongoing support work for any of our projects. The plans include, multiple visits to site for “health checks” throughout the year at our cost. Bi-weekly check ins with the customer to ensure all is performing as should be & lastly on phone support for any remote /technical support for anything installed 

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